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Guangzhou Cymmi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Cymmi Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Company Profile
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Guangzhou Cymmi Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Company Profile
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Guangzhou Cymmi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Cymmi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Cymmi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Cymmi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Cymmi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Cymmi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Cymmi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Cymmi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Cymmi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Cymmi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Cymmi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Cymmi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Main Market:
North America , South America , Western Europe , Eastern Europe , Eastern Asia , Southeast Asia , Middle East , Africa , Oceania
Business Type:
Manufacturer , Distributor/Wholesaler , Exporter
No. of Employees:
Annual Sales:
Year Established:
Export p.c:
80% - 90%
Company Details

Guangzhou Cymmi Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a well-respected company in the automotive lighting industry, which brand is "CYMAUTO".


Since establishment in 2008, CYMAUTO has grown to become a leader in the industry and has been providing superior quality automotive lighting products and services to customers around the world. The company is dedicated to improving road safety at night by providing high-quality automotive lighting solutions. The product range includes bi-led projectors, HID xenon projectors, fog light projectors, projector shrouds, LED DRL, LED halo rings and many other types of automotive lighting. 


CYMAUTO's mission is to provide customers with superior products and services to help them succeed in their businesses. To achieve this,  CYMAUTO employs a team of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that customers enjoy the best products and services. The company also has a professional team of engineers and designers who work tirelessly to design and develop innovative lighting products that meet market needs and provide OEM and ODM support for customers


With years of experience in the auto parts industry, CYMAUTO has become a reliable partner for many global customers and has established good relationships with manufacturers and suppliers in China and other parts of the world, which helps to provide competitive prices and better services to customers.


CYMAUTO is committed to providing excellent customer service and support to customers. The professional team of CYMAUTO is always available to offer technical assistance, product recommendations, and professional advice that meet customers' specific needs.


Wide Range of Innovative Products

Our company offers a wide selection of automotive lighting products, including bi-led projectors, HID xenon projectors, fog light projectors, projector shrouds, LED DRL, LED halo rings, and more. Our comprehensive product range enables customers to find the perfect lighting solution for their car with ease.


OEM & ODM Customization Support

At our company, we understand that every customer has unique needs and requirements. We offer customization services to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether it's packaging customization, adjusting the lighting color temperature or sourcing a custom fitting, we can provide tailor ed solutions to match your needs.


Excellent Customer Service

Our team of professionals is passionate about customer satisfaction. We provide timely response times to customer inquiries, offer expert advice, and ensure prompt delivery of goods. We strive to ensure a hassle-free experience for our customers from the initial inquiry to product delivery and after-sales support.


Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of timely delivery and strive to deliver products within the agreed timeframe. Our efficient logistics team ensures that products are shipped and delivered seamlessly, regardless of the location or size of the order.


Trust and Commitment

Our company values trust and commitment towards our customers. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients by providing them with high-quality products, excellent service, and unwavering commitment.




Our factory was established in 2008 to provide production solutions and high-quality products for domestic traders in China.

Since 2016, we have established a foreign trade department, providing one-stop product production solutions and supporting services to overseas customers, accepting foreign orders, and quickly becoming an excellent member of the automotive light industry.


Over the years, our factory has undergone tremendous growth, expanding our production capacity and diversifying our product range. We have invested heavily in cutting-edge technologies, modern equipment, and skilled personnel to ensure that we meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients. Our commitment to producing high-quality products has earned us a reputation as a trusted partner in the automotive light industry.


Our foreign trade department has been instrumental in our success, helping us to expand our reach to international markets. We have had the privilege of serving clients from different countries, providing bespoke solutions that meet their unique needs. Our customer-centric approach, coupled with our excellent customer support, has helped us to build a solid reputation in the overseas market.


At our factory, we remain committed to maintaining the highest levels of product quality, customer satisfaction, and ethical business practices. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our products and services to ensure that our clients receive the best possible value for their investment. As we move into the future, we are confident that our commitment to excellence will enable us to achieve even greater success.

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